(Lat. Plumbum; denoted by the symbol Pb) – an element of the 14th group, the sixth period of the periodic table of chemical elements DI Mendeleev, with atomic number 82 and, thus, contains the magic number of protons. A simple substance lead is a malleable, relatively low-melting heavy metal of silver-white color with a bluish tint. Lead density – 11.35 g / cm³. Lead is toxic. Known since ancient times. Lead has been in use for many millennia, since it is widely distributed, easily mined and processed.

It is very malleable and melts easily. Lead smelting was the first of the metallurgical processes known to man. Found Lead Beads, dating from 6400 BC. e. The largest producer of lead pre-industrial era was Ancient Rome, with an annual production of 80,000 tons.

The Romans widely used lead in the production of pipes for water pipes, lead pipes often had inscriptions of Roman emperors.

Lead and lead alloys are produced according to:

GOST 3778-98 Lead. Specifications.

GOST 1292-81 Lead-antimony alloys.
Technical conditions.

Lead product range:

Lead ingots

С0, С1С, С1 , С2С, C2, С3С, С3, ССуА