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Our company BalMet Trade OU, together with partners, is engaged in the supply of equipment and components for the oil and gas and petrochemical industries of the CIS countries.

Based on customer orders, our company supplies:

– Well equipment for equipping gas and oil producing wells and their conservation;

– forging and pressing equipment;

– metalworking equipment and the manufacture of pipeline elements;

– equipment for the metallurgical industry and smelting metals;

 – heat exchange equipment;

 – capacitive equipment;

– gas drying installations;

 – and other equipment ordered by our customers.


Our company supplied the following equipment to its customers;

1.Forge and press equipment;

– Bending machine with variable geometry FACCIN series HAV-2045

2.Metalworking equipment and the manufacture of pipeline elements;

– Induction bending machine model 530 * 30 mm PLC

 Purpose of the machine: production of steeply curved parts with a bend radius of 1.0 DN and 1.5 DN from carbon, alloyed, stainless and heat-resistant steel grades. The essence of the process of drawing is that the workpiece, pipes, put on the mandrel, heated and stretched. At the same time, the process of distributing the pipe in diameter and bending occurs, the neutral axis of which coincides with the convex forming of the stretched pipe. When broaching as a source of heating using the installation of high frequency currents (HDTV).

– Machine for cutting metals PEGAS 600 Camel

Camel machine refers to the first class machines, designed for high-performance cutting of almost all metals used in modern engineering. It is capable of cutting with high speed both solid steel and large-diameter forgings, as well as pipes and profile blanks.

3.Equipment for the metallurgical industry and smelting metals;

– Rotary inclined furnace for melting aluminum waste RNP

Modern efficient furnace for smelting aluminum waste with the smelting system of all suitable aluminum grades with variable salt factors.

Possibility to manufacture lining the furnace for melting other metals (lead, copper).

Modular power from 2 to 4 tons.

Ability to melt up to 500 tons of bulk waste per month, when working in 3 shifts.

Melting is carried out either along the horizontal axis for heavily soiled and thin-walled scrap, which requires a liquid slag process, or melting is carried out with an axis tilted up to 8 degrees, for low salt content, for processing dry slag.

Fast slag loading due to automatic loading machine.

Robust horizontal construction and large capacity of the furnace chamber for melting organically contaminated waste, with organic content up to 8%.

Outlet valve with positive separation of slag and metal mold.

– loading machine for furnace RNP

Modern charger with a fast kiln loading system.

The total furnace loading time is not more than 90 seconds.

Minimal opening time of the furnace door, which allows you to limit the release of organic matter, especially when contaminated scrap.

Control over the ignition of organic matter begins only in the furnace, after the door is closed.

      Technical parameters of the RNP furnace

Нр Technical parameters of the furnace Quantity U measurement Note
1 Furnace capacity 2 to 4 Tons / smelt
2 Total furnace volume 14 m.
3 Furnace area 16 х 8 х 7 D. x Sh. X V.
4 Oil / gas burner By order
5 Burner power 1,5 MW
6 Melt specific velocity 1,0 – 1,5 Tons per hour Depending on the material
7 Performance 10 – 20 Tons per hour Depending on the material
8 Furnace rotation speed 0,5 – 4,0 Grad.min
9 Tilt angle of the furnace – 8,0 + 25,0 Degrees
10 Oven length 5.200 mm
11 Oven width 3.400 mm
12 Fire Brick Thickness 220 / 294 mm
13 Charging door diameter 1.200 mm
14 Furnace power supply 400 KW
15 Oil / diesel consumption 150 Liter / hour

 Technical parameters of the loading machine for the RNP furnace

Нр Technical parameters of the furnace Quantity U measurement Note
1 Load volume 1,5 m.
2 Maximum material length 2.300 mm
3 Inner diameter 1.000 mm
4 Maximum weight of material 1,5 Tons By order
5 Boot cycle time 90 Sec
6 Machine length without rail 7.000 mm
7 Machine width 3.000 mm
8 Machine power supply 60 KW


– Distributing furnace – mixer for RNP furnace

The furnace has a monolithic frame, large size to maintain the desired temperature. For cleaning and installation in the chamber there is a special door (hydraulic drive). For cleaning and maintenance of the storage area there is an additional door (hydraulic drive). Doors are protected by ceramic gaskets. The doors are equipped with a mechanical pin. The furnace is equipped with such equipment as:

  1. 1 thermocouple in silicon carbide, placed in a pouring spout to control the temperature of the metal using burners.
  2. 1 thermocouple to control the temperature of the refractory melting chamber.
  3. 1 thermocouple to control the temperature of the refractory chamber holding the sensor installed in the pouring nozzle, checking the level of liquid aluminum.

When the loading or cleaning door is opened, the melting burners are turned off or go into mode with minimal power (at the discretion of the customer). After closing, the previous installation of the burner is restored. The melting burners are automatically switched off when the maximum filling level of the bath is reached, as well as when a possible spatter of metal causes a short circuit or when the cable is broken.

– Filling machine for oven RNP

The casting machine is a steel structure that provides uninterrupted production of standard 6-7 kg ingots from secondary aluminum alloys. Molding materials made from ductile cast iron are mounted on a chain driven by an electric motor with a gearbox. Forms are pre-heated by gas burners. The filled ingot molds are cooled by an 11 kW fan.

Technical details

Press form Ingots 6-8 kg
Number of press 92 pieces
Molding products Ductile cast iron EN JGS 400-15
Performance up to 3,000 kg / h
Mold preheating Oil burners
Mold Cooling Two fans 11 kW
Machine design Durable steel frame
Dimensions 7.8 m L x 1.23 m W x 2.54 m H


– Gas cleaning system for RNP oven

The gas cleaning system consists of filters for dry bags with a capacity of up to 60,000 Am3 / hour to neutralize sulfur, chlorine and fluorine-containing compounds.


– Projected airflow: 6 0.000 Am³ / h

– Maximum. temperature: 1 50 ° C

– Minimum temperature: 6 5 ° C (above the dew point)

– Access to filter bags: side doors protected by a safety switch

– Total filtration area: 1 .1032 m²

– Cleaning fan: 5, 5 kW

– Dust emission: <5 mg / Nm3 Filter screw conveyor


– Transmission system – screw conveyor, power 3.0 kW

– Diameter – 350 mm

– Large bag capacity – 1.2 m3

– Reducer power – 0.75 kW

– Diameter of a rotor – 220 mm

4 . Heat transfer equipment;

Shell-and-tube heat exchange equipment for liquid cooling

5.Capacitive equipment;

Equipment for storage and transportation of bulk liquids and gas.

6.Other equipment ordered by our customers.

Laser system for marking products and manufacturing parts.

CF-3000, CF-4100, CF-6010 concrete cutter

CF-3000, CF-4100, CF-6010 seam cutting machines are mobile units for cutting seams with diamond discs in asphalt, concrete and other road surfaces, building floors, ceilings, etc.

Wellco Drill WD 200 drilling rig

Supply of special equipment – The drilling rig is designed for the production of drilling operations during the installation of piles, the production of technological holes in the vertical and horizontal direction.

Crushing DOPPSTADT DW-2560, Crushing ESCHBOCK BIBER 84 car

Supply of special equipment for the preparation of the territory for the production of installation work on construction sites, cleaning and recycling of forest waste (hemp, tree remains).