About company

About company

Our company “BalMet Trade OU” was founded in April 2010 and is currently a dynamic, fast-growing company.

The company is engaged in wholesale deliveries of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to consumers.

We have long-term commercial relations with many factories, which allows us to offer you the shipment of products directly from the factories on favorable terms.

Together with partners, the firm is engaged in the supply of equipment and components for the oil and gas and petrochemical industries of the CIS countries.

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Based on the orders of our customers, we supply:

  • elements of pipelines for gas and oil pipelines;
  • pipeline fittings;
  • spare parts for pumps and fittings;
  • downhole equipment for equipping gas and oil producing wells and their conservation;
  • forging equipment;
  • equipment for metalworking and manufacturing of pipeline elements;
  • heat exchange equipment;
  • capacitive equipment;
  • gas dehydration units;
  • and other equipment according to the orders of our clients.
About company

We supply new equipment developed by leading companies in Europe.

According to individual orders of our customers, it is possible to supply used equipment. Such equipment undergoes full pre-sale training, maintenance and inspection by specialists.

Our company can form deliveries based on minimum prices and guaranteed quality, delivery in a short time is possible.

The company has long-term partnerships with manufacturers of pipeline parts. Based on your orders, pipe fittings can be manufactured:

  • bends are steeply curved, bends are bent;
  • stamped and stamped tees;
  • transitions are stamped and stamped, transitions are turned;
  • stamped bottoms, adapter rings, fittings;
  • flat welded flanges with branch pipes.

All products are manufactured from low-alloy, alloy and high-alloy carbon steel.

Pipeline fittings are manufactured for: main, field and process pipelines for oil, gas, steam and hot water.

It is also possible to manufacture assembly assemblies for pipelines, movable and fixed supports for pipelines, products for heat power facilities and other metal structures.

The main principle of our company is the supply of high quality products. We offer our customers high quality products and services at their best.

Our products fully comply with consumer requirements and quality standards.