(Cu from Lat. Cuprum) – an element of the eleventh group of the fourth period of the periodic table of chemical elements DI Mendeleev, with atomic number 29. Simple matter copper is a plastic transition metal of golden-pink color (pink color in the absence of an oxide film).

It has long been widely used by man. Copper is one of the first metals to be well mastered by man due to the availability to obtain from ore and a low melting point. This metal is found in nature in the native form more often than gold, silver and iron.

In ancient times, copper was also used in the form of an alloy with tin — bronze — for the manufacture of weapons, etc., the bronze age replaced the copper one. An alloy of copper and tin (bronze) was obtained for the first time in 3,000 years BC. e. in the middle east.

Copper and copper alloys are produced according to:

GOST 546-01 Copper cathodes. Specifications.

TSh 64-05755737-141 Copper wire. Specifications.

Ts 00193950-006: 2014 Copper pipe. Technical conditions.

Product range of the copper group:

Copper cathodes GOST 546-2001

Mark M00k, Cu – 99.99%
Mark M0k , Cu – not less than 99.97%
Mark M1k, Cu – not less than 99.95%

Form and packaging:

Cathodes 820mm × 850mm × 10mm packed in steel tape tied packages
weighing up to 1.5 tons.

Copper wire standard: TSh 64-05755737-141

Form and packaging:

The weight of the wire is not less than 40 kg.
Copper pipes standard: Ts 00193950-006: 2014
Brand: M1 (soft, hard)

Shape and package:

The mass of pipes in coils should be from 80 kg to 300 kg. Pipes in coils and bundles Packed in plastic wrap and placed in wooden boxes on pallets or in boxes of corrugated cardboard according to GOST 7376. Copper pipes seamless cold deformed round section of the general appointments are made in accordance with the requirements of Ts 00193950-006. Mechanical properties of pipes must meet the following requirements:

Rated outdoor diameter, mm Delivery form Condition of the material TemporaryResistance Ϭv, MPa (kgf / mm2), not less Relativeelongation δ5% not less
From 3.0 to 19.0 inclusive In coves Soft 210 (21) 36
From 3.0 to 44.0 incl. In the segments Semisolid 240 (25) 11
From 3.0 to 44.0 incl. In the segments Solid 280 (29) 3

Bronze group (an alloy of copper and tin): Rods of the marks Br OTsS 5-5-5, Br OTsS 3-12-5

Brass group (an alloy of copper with zinc): Rods of grades LTS25S2, LOS, L63, L68, LS59-1.